Download the membership application form from, attach your two passport-size photos, a copy of your ID, and a copy of your KRA pin certificate and send the documents to Kentours Office.

Upon receipt of your Membership Application Form, and subject to meeting the conditions of admission as per the by-laws, the SACCO office will process your application and an Email / SMS notification shall be sent to you.


Yes, a one-off registration fee of Kshs 1,000.

Yes, the Minimum Monthly Contribution is Kshs 1,000.

  • Save and access affordable loans at a cheap interest rate of 1% per month on the reducing balance method.
  • Access selected goods on negotiated discounts through our partners
  • Earn rebates on savings and dividends on share capital annually.
  • Insurance cover in case of death.

Share Capital is the core capital of the Sacco. Every member is required to purchase the minimum shareholding of 450 shares with a nominal value of Kshs 20 totalling Kshs 9,000. It is Payable in twenty-five-monthly installments of Kshs 360/-. It is non-refundable when a member exits the Sacco but transferable to a Sacco member. A member may opt to keep the shares as an investment and continue earning dividends on yearly basis. The dividend rate is currently 5% higher than the interest rate declared on deposits.

Share capital is not withdrawable, cannot be used to guarantee a loan or as a basis to take a loan whereas deposits (savings) are used to take and guarantee loans. Deposits (savings) are refundable upon exit.

Yes, the returns are earned at the end of every financial year and are subject to Sacco’s performance.

Yes, 5% withholding Tax except for persons with disabilities with a Tax-exempt certificate.

Yes, you may introduce your spouse (legally married) and children who are over 18 years to join the Sacco.

Yes, you can continue with your membership and continue paying monthly savings while servicing any existing loans as an individual member. The payments will be done through the Sacco Paybill Number 194740, or through the Sacco Cooperative bank Account:

Account Name : Kentours Sacco Ltd
Account Number : 01120000563700
Bank : Co-operative Bank
Branch : Green House
Bank Code : 11153
Swift Code : KCOOKENA

Yes, Investment Groups and Chamas can join

Log into member’s web portal where you can access reports such as statements and guarantor cards. You can also download the Kentours app from the google play store.


At the moment, you need to save consistently for at least 6 months to qualify for loans.

At the moment, if you deposit a lump sum amount, you will need to wait for at least 6 months in order to qualify for a loan against the lump sum top-up.

Yes, all you need is to seek advice from our Loans Officer by presenting latest Certified Loan Statement/s from the Financial Institution.


This varies on the type of loan a member is borrowing. The processing period for a short-term loan is within 48hrs while a long-term loan is within 7 working days.

A Short-term loan is a loan that you service within a period of up to 36 months and does not exceed Kshs 1 million. A Long-term loan exceeds Kshs.1 million and the repayment period is over 36 months.


You need to have a Guarantor (s) if borrowing over and above your available free deposits (savings).
Currently, alternative securities for loans are:

  1. Automobiles logbooks – 50% of the forced sale value
  2. Kentours Housing Society Land Title Deeds – 80% of the Mortgage value
  3. Life Assurance Policy – 75% of the surrender value
  4. Land/Property – 80% of the Mortgage Value

A Person or firm that endorses a three-party agreement to guarantee that promises made by the first party (the principal) to the second party (client or lender) will be fulfilled, and assumes liability if the principal fails to fulfill them (defaults). In case of a default, the guarantor must compensate the lender or client, and usually acquires an immediate right of action against the principal for payments made under the guarantee.

You will need to fill out the loan application form, attach the latest and valid stamped payslip, a copy of the National Identity Card, and a Copy of the KRA Pin Certificate. This applies to all types of loans. All our loans forms can be accessed online on

This means that your employer remits monthly deductions to the Sacco directly and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sacco to remit the same by every 7th day of the month.

You may have one or more guarantors however the loan being applied MUST be fully guaranteed.

The ratio is 1:3 or 1:4 for a Premium Loan, meaning your total Sacco loans should not exceed 3 or 4 times of your deposits (Savings).
Yes, you can pay your loan in lumpsum repayment/s anytime without any penalties. For your information, the Sacco does not charge interest for the remaining period.
Yes, you can borrow a loan as long as your loan is fully guaranteed.

You are liable for the loan guaranteed until the loan is fully repaid. However, this liability reduces as the loanee pays the loan on monthly basis.

Safaricom Ltd for Phones, Ryce Motors East Africa for motorcycles, Roto Moulders for tanks among others. Financing available through our Home Appliance loan product.


Yes, you can by filling in a new Nominee card available in the Sacco Office or with Unit Reps in hard copy. A new Nominee Card automatically cancels the preceding Nominee Card.


You need to write or email a resignation letter to give the Sacco a notice period of 60 days to enable the Sacco align your account i.e. If you had guaranteed someone, they will need to find replacements in order to release you. You also need to fill the Sacco Clearance Form which is available in the Sacco website,


Members contribute premiums to an insurance scheme that offers security to members’ savings against any financial loss in the event of death or permanent disability.

14 days if full documentation is provided.

  • Loan balance less any arrears will be paid to the Sacco
  • Declared members deposit will be paid to the member’s next of Kin through the Sacco to a tune of 200%.
  • A funeral expense of Kshs 100,000 will be paid to the member’s next of Kin through the Sacco.
  • The following are the required documents: –
    • Death Notification letter
    • Burial Permit
    • Original Death Certificate
  • Loan balance less any arrears will be paid to the Sacco
  • Declared members deposit will be paid to the member through the Sacco to a tune of 200%.