Election Nomination 2023

To: All Members


As per the Co-operative Societies Rules, one third (1/3) of our Board of Directors (3 Members) and Supervisory Committee (1 Member) are due to retire by rotation. 

We would therefore like to notify all Kentours Sacco Members that there will be three (3) vacancies in the Board of Directors and one (1) vacancy in the Supervisory Committee to be filled during the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Retiring Board of Directors

  1. Edwin Omondi
  2. Lilian Weru
  3. John Nganga

Retiring Supervisory Committee

  1. Joseph Karu

All are eligible for re-election.

Members interested in vying for the vacant positions are required to complete the attached Board/Supervisory Membership Application Form and Vetting Questionnaire and return the hard copies thus completed to Kentours office together with the following additional requirements:

  1. Copy of the National ID card.
  2. Valid Certificate of Good conduct.
  3. Copies of academic and professional certificates.

The application must be brought to the office not later than 17th February 2023, 5.00pm. The applicant or their agent shall be required to sign the Applications Register.

 The successful candidates’ profiles will be circulated on 11th March 2023. Applicants are advised to read and understand eligibility requirements in our By-laws specifically By-law No.15 and No. 23 (the extracts are attached) before completing the Application Form.

Thank you.

Philip Muchiri

Hon. Secretary