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Our New loan Products rates PDF Print E-mail


The Management Board is happy to inform members that several reviews have been done with regard to our loan products. We believe this will help members patronize all the products and make our sacco a one stop shop.

A. Salary Advance
The management has introduced Salary Advance product beginning May 2009. This product is available to all members provided they have a membership duration of not less than three months. It is repayable in one month. The interest rate is 3%.

B. Instant Loan
The ceiling amount for an Instant Loan has been raised from Kshs 200,000 to Kshs 500,000. Instant Loan can now be bridged with a minimum balance of Kshs 150,000 up from Kshs 100,000.

C. Consolidation Loan
Members can now consolidate their loans with the maximum balance of Kshs 900,000.

D. Loan Bridging
The minimum balance for one to qualify for a Normal Loan bridging has been raised from Kshs 200,000 upto Kshs 500,000.

Loan Type Maximum Amount Repayment Period Interest Rate
Normal Loan Kshs 9,000,000 72 Months 1% pm for 48 months & 1.1% pm for 49 - 72 months
Emergency Loan Kshs 1,000,000 24 months 1% pm
School Fees Loan Kshs 350,000 24 months 1% pm
Super School Fees Loan Kshs 750,000 24 months 1% pm
NSE Shares Loan Kshs 500,000 12 months 1.5% pm
Home Appliance Kshs 1,000,000 36 months 1% pm
Instant Loan Kshs 500,000 24 months 1.125% pm
Salary Advance Kshs 50,000 1 months

3% pm

Housing Loan
Kshs 1,000,000
48 months
1% pm
Premium Loan
Kshs 9,000,000
60 Months
1.165% pm