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1.         Housing Loan

This loan will help Kentours Sacco members to buy assets in the Kentours Housing Cooperative.

Terms are as follows:-

- Maximum amount Kshs 1 Million

- Repayment period 4 years

- Interest rate of 1% per month on reducing balance

- Three times deposit rule still applies.


2. Premium Loan.

- To be advanced 4 times the deposit, once taken, normal loan is forgone

- Repayment period 5 years

- Interest rate charged is at 1.165%

- Maximum amount Kshs 9 Million

- Members should not have any other Loan at the time of applying

- In properties bought through housing can be used as a collateral

- A member is entitled to another type of Loan only if the three times deposit rule could apply


3. Dividend Advance

At the end of the financial year when accounts have been reviewed, members will be allowed to take their dividends in advance as follows;

- Maximum 50% of the expected dividend

- Interest rate of 5%

4. Bank Loan Bailout

To ease the burden of high Bank loan Interest on members who may have borrowed from banks, Kentours Management Board is glad to inform you that it has introduced a new product: Bank Loan Bailout.


· To fill in our Bank Loan Bailout Form

· The application should NOT be more than three times the deposits, less other outstanding loan balance, subject to a maximum of 9 million.

· 5% processing fee will be charged on the amount applied.

· Payment cheque will be drawn to the respective financial institution.


Members are advised to contact the office for more details. The qualification criteria and all other terms remain unchanged.