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The Society was registered in 1984 with pioneer members from Abercrombie & Kent Limited. Today the society draws its membership from all over the Hospitality Industry comprising of Tour firms and Hotels.

Kentours Mission:
To offer diverse financial products and services by a well planned Savings and Credit System through use of appropriate technology with a view to maintain an economically empowered membership.

Kentours Vision:
To be recognized as the one stop-shop Sacco in Kenya, in providing and actualizing members’ needs.


Current total membership is 2951 (March 2017) drawn from 84 employer units.


Values are the shared core beliefs or desires that guide or motivate attitudes and actions. They explain the behaviour portrayed by the organization’s key stakeholders.

Kentours Sacco Mission will be achieved through the incorporation of the following corporate values into everyday life of the society and these values will therefore be the operating principles, which all stakeholders are expected to recognize and experience visually, emotionally and physically for every service received from Kentours Sacco.

The values are:

1. Member Focus

  • · Members are our most valued customers and stakeholders
  • · We shall focus on service delivery
  • · We shall respond promptly to members needs, queries and inquiries
  • · We shall offer members innovative financial products

2. Corporate Governance

  • · Corruption free environment
  • · Transparency in all operations
  • · Equality in service delivery
  • · Live by Co-operative principles
  • · Recognition of human rights
  • · Visionary Leadership

3. Fundamentals in Work Culture

  • · Honesty
  • · Hard work
  • · Integrity
  • · Team work
  • · Performance discipline
  • · Professionalism
  • · Working SMART

4. Community

  • · Preserving and protecting natural resources
  • · Participation in suitable community activities (CSR)
  • · Pay taxes
  • · Recognition of employer units – The base of Kentours SACCO


“We Empower You”