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Karibu Kentours SACCO Print

The establishment of a successful Savings and Credit Co-operative is determined by the nature of its membership. This translates to an alighted membership and regular source of income. Since 1984 the society has increased from handful of members to over three thousand.

The membership has been dependent on the society member's common bond and through promotion of sound education programs. The common bond between the members is mutual concern, loyalty and trust.

Our quest is to enable all our members to contribute positively toward their own individual development through the Co-operative. The desire of the society is that all societies current and potential members are accorded the same status without discrimination against any person, on account of religion, race, or political belief.  The members have evolved a culture of prudent financial foresight for individual future planning in savings and investment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Board Members, Supervisory Committee members and staff attending a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity on 5th December 2015 at Nyumba ya wazee kasarani